Kinesiology Services


This appointment is done in home or online. I get a birth history, a brief medical history and do a hands on *core assessment and a posture check. A plan is then developed to best support you in reaching your goals.

*Core assessment is external. Kinesiologists do not perform internal pelvic floor assessments. Please see a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist for internal assessments and treatments.

$100 - Core Assessment + Personalized Plan (1 hr appointment)

Follow-Up / Instruction

During our follow-up I will show you your personalized plan and all the techniques unique to that plan. After a full run through you will feel confident to follow the plan at home on your own.

$75 - 1 Hour Session

1:1 Training

I will come home and lead you through every phase of the program. I will progressively build your strength and core confidence.

$75- I Hour Session

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