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First off, I am a mom to two little girls and have a fantastic husband who is my biggest cheerleader. I’ve had two pregnancies and two births. Although I felt supported and cared for during both I can still recall the physical and emotional feelings I had after having my second 10+ pound baby. I had just birthed two large babies from my body and yet I was feeling defeated. I discovered a separation in the front of my abs and was experiencing a ton of back pain. On top of that was also not able to connect with my abdominal muscles at all. I would try and will my muscles in my abdomen to contract and… nothing. I should have felt triumphant after my births, and yet I felt broken. I tried to find support anywhere I could and was told “this is normal”, “this will pass”, “you should feel blessed”. I didn’t know if the information on the internet was appropriate or not. I struggled to find direction.

Women’s Health Advocate

This is the point in the story when I discovered the magic of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. With the guidance of my Physio, I was able to re-connect with my core and pelvic floor. I slowly regained strength in my core and when the back pain subsided I was sold. Why didn’t more birthers know about this? Why wasn’t a referral to Pelvic Health Physio automatic? The immense passion I felt for getting this word out to anyone who would listen was what fuelled me to change my career path and essentially my life.

Registered Kinesiologist

I was already working in the health field as a Kinesiologist. An “Exercise Specialist” to be specific, so the transition into Women’s Health wasn’t a huge jump. A kinesiologist is a regulated health professional who specializes in treating, and preventing injury or disease as well as improves health and wellness. I refocused my education around pelvic health, core health, breath-work, women’s health, birthing and breastfeeding.

Birth Coach

I first began supporting women in the postpartum period heal their bodies. Then I opened up my services to support women in both pregnancy and postpartum. I did 1:1 birth healing and group fitness. The only portion of the journey I was missing was the birth. So I started the process of certifying as a Doula. Also known as a Birth Coach. A Doula is a maternal support practitioner who provides emotional, physical and informational support to birthing people to prepare them for labour, birth and the postpartum period. This service allows me to support and nurture my clients like never before.

My Mission

As a kinesiologist and Birth Coach, I have a unique set of skills that can address the physiological and mechanical systems of the body and apply this to pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. With additional training in Pelvic Health, and with working closely with Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, I can help you live a more functional and pain free parenthood.

Core Vitality offers a warm, friendly and inclusive environment to support you through your parenting journey from conception through to parenthood.

Core Vitality understands the client as a whole and looks at the full spectrum of a client’s health and wellness, including; physical, emotional, nutritional, social, spiritual, and environmental health.


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