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Welcome to Core Vitality

Core Vitality was born out of a need to support women through the pregnancy, birth and into the postpartum period. I started out by assisting women navigate birth healing with core and pelvic floor classes. Then I began supporting women in returning to all types of fitness and function after baby. From there it grew into a full spectrum Doula service that also supports women the transformative period of pregnancy and birth.

Hello, I’m Lexi

I'm a pregnancy, birth and postpartum healing coach. My job is to help you feel vital in parenthood. I've got a plan, and I'd love to take you through it!


Appointment Types:

  • Movement in Pregnancy (I will assess your needs and build you a pregnancy safe workout plan to have a better birth)

  • Core Healing (Early in the postpartum period I will assess your core and get a birth history to develop the best healing plan for you to have you feeling strong and vital. I work with clients with diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, low back pain, pelvic pain and more)

  • 1:1 In Home Training (I will guide you through my progressive total body strength method to get you in the best shape of your life)

  • Hypopressive Breath-work (The Hypopressive technique is a breathing method to help you manage the pressures inside your core. This technique is excellent for those dealing with diastasis recti, pelvic organ prolapse, cesarean scar healing to name a few)

Birth Coaching

I love seeing my postpartum clients and working with healing their cores and pelvic floors, but often times I wished I had worked with them sooner. I realized that the experiences these clients had in their births directly affected their healing process and I wanted to be able to support them through the whole process. From fertility, pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Fitness Classes

STROLLER FIT in the warmer months

MOM FIT in the cooler months

Wear Me Wednesdays all year long

Between these options, I will keep you active all year-round with your baby!

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Contact Us

You can reach me by phone, text or email.

Email us at lexidewar@gmail.com

Telephone or Text 705-698-8911

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